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Christmas Crafts in Rowan

We enjoyed using our artistic skills to create a wonderful range of crafts to sell at the Christmas Bazaar. 


Harvest at St Peters

Giant Tetrahedron

We spent a wonderful afternoon working with Mr Hallam to create a giant tetrahedron in the hall. We combined excellent listening skills, teamwork and hard work to create our tetrahedron. 

Ancient Egypt

Our topic for the Autumn Term is Ancient Egypt. Please take a look through our gallery to see some of the exciting things we have been doing. 


We have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification. To enable us to understand this further, we attempted our own mummification. We paid our respects to the pharoah, carefully removed the brain, placed the liver, intestines, lungs and stomach in canopic jars before placing the body in a bath of natron. After two weeks, we examined the changes to the body of Pharoah Tomato!