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In Oak Class we like to work hard but in interesting and enjoyable ways. On this page you'll get to see some of the things we get up to.

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Please remember to check back regularly as this page is updated frequently.


Within Maths we have been exploring a number of key areas:  place value, translation, four quadrant co-ordinates, line graphs, angles, comparing and ordering fractions, finding percentages of amounts and reducing by that amount.


Within GPS we have been focusing on:  subordinate clauses, the use of colons and semi-colons, adverbial phrases, prefixes, prepositions, word classes and many spelling rules.

Within writing we have been focusing on:  narrative short descriptions; instructional texts, letters.

In reading we have been using cracking comprehension to focus on key skills of:  evidence retrieval, skimming and scanning, inference and deduction, authorial intent.



We have been focusing on Materials this term: properties of, changing states, dissolving materials, reversible and irreversible changes and separating materials.The children have been divising their own experiments and writing them up using a formal scientific style.


The children in Oak Class and the rest of Yr 5/6 represented the academy at this year's Remembrance Service at Cleethorpes Seafront. A wreath, created from poppies made by the children, was laid by the Head Boy and Head Girl from the academy. We are very proud to have been a part of the centenary of this important event. 


Oak class have been researching key aspects of Ancient Greek life including:  art, myths, maths, language and the Olympics.  


For this year's Christmas Fayre, Oak Class have designed and created Snowmen made from rice and white socks. It also gave us a great excuse to create some superb instructional writing to help other children make their own versions!

Steel Pans

This term, the year 6 children in Oak Class have been learning to play the steel pans.

We have transposed music into the notes that match the coloured circles and stars that appear on the Jumbie Jam Steel Pans and have learned to play together as well as in two part harmonies.

We started with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and, after we successfully completed the melody, went on to learn the two part harmony. After this we studied the Jess Glynn track ‘Darling Hold my Hand’ and got so good we could play along with the video. We are currently learning the more traditional ‘Island in the Sun’ by Harry Belafonte. Surprisingly, the slow tempo of this song makes it extremely difficult – we are definitely still working on this one!

Traditional Greek Dancing - Zorba!

This term, Oak class have been very fortunate to have a dance teacher visit the school and teach then a traditional Greek Dance - with a modern twist. We have continued to practice the different motifs, focussing on the changes in height, formation and speed of movements. There are some very complicated and also very fast moves to remember but we're getting better all the time and hope to show our parents very soon!


Pupils have been learning how to effectively dribble, pass and shoot within basketball.  Pupils have learnt how to bounce pass and chest pass to move the ball within a team.  They are also tactical formations, the use of pivoting and fake shooting.


Throughout the term we have been working on our gymnastics skills, with a major focus on matching and mirroring each others moves. We have learnt to create sequences of jumps rolls and balances both on and off of the apparatus. We have also begun to share and counterbalance each others body weight both in pairs and small groups.