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Maple Class have produced some wonderful writing during the Autumn Term.  We hope you enjoy looking at some of our beautiful work.

Varjak Paw by SF Said

During the Autumn term Maple Class have been enjoying the book Vajak Paw.

Varjak Paw is a Mesopotamiam Blue kitten. He lives high up in an old house on a hill. He's never left home but then his grandfather tells him about 'the way' a secret art for cats. Now Varjak must use 'the way' to survive in a city full of dangerous dogs,cat gangs and, strangest of all, the mysterious vanishings. 

We acted out some of the sections of the book to help us get in to character so we could use our feelings to improve our written work. We wrote newspaper reports and poems to express how Varjak might be feeling.

During some of the writing sessions we worked collaboratively to maximise our language/vocabulary potential. We used dictionarys and theasaurus' to help us. 


Egyptian Writing

During the Autumn term Maple Class have been learning about The Egyptians. We now know lots of interesting facts and have shared this knowledge in to some wonderful writing.