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Woodside Wildlife Park

 Our visit to Woodside Wildlife Park was a great success, the children listened brilliantly to our guide and learnt lots of interesting facts about all the animals. We watched the White Wolves and the Bengal Tiger have their lunch whilst listening to the commentry about their habitats, there was an opportunity to hold a Boa Constrictor, stroke a Blue tongued Lizard and have a good look at a tarantula that was sat in a keepers hand, did you know if you drop a tarantula it would shatter into lots of tiny pieces? We watched a captivating show where the animals were the star of the show, Basil the Fox showed us how greedy foxes can by hunting for food and the rats walked across the rope above our heads in their house, thankfully none fell off. It was a hot day at the park but the children drank plenty and behaved very well, so at the end of the day we had time for a quick visit to the park. 

Swimming Lessons

 Maple class have been very lucky to have the chance to visit a local secondary school and use their lovely swimming pool. The children have had 3 weeks of taster sessions to help prepare them for year 4 when swimming lessons are complusory, experienced swimming teachers Lorraine, Rebecca and Claire have been able to get to know the children and when the lessons begin next term the children will know what to expect. 

Mrs Copinger, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Robertson are very pleased with the progress the children have made over the 3 weeks and the confidence that has been built. Every child has tried very hard and improvements have been fantastic. The children are looking forward to next term when they can begin to earn their rewards.