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Pyramid Building workshop

Mr Hallam very kindly worked with us to build a pyramid structure. The real pyramids were square based pyramids however, our structure was a tetrahedron. Some of us found it very challenging constructing our giant pyramid so the slaves and craftspeople in ancient Egypt would have had a very demanding jobs in the desert on such a large scale!


We had a morning of wellbeing activities on 10/10/18. We enjoyed participating in the mindfulness activities from Jump Start Johnny and enjoyed a relaxing time. Then we discussed our emotions during a circle time.

Harvest Festival.

We are really lucky to be able to celebrate 'Harvest Festival' at St Peter's Church as a whole school. Each class performs either a song or a poem which is related to Harvest. Maple class recited a poem and using our loud, clear voices performed beautifully.

Christmas Performance

This year’s carol concert at St Peter’s Church got us all into the Christmas spirit. Maple class performed 'Mary Had A Baby' which reminded everyone of the Nativity scene and the meaning of Christmas. Mrs Robinson and Mrs Robertson was very impressed with the children’s performance and behaviour and awarded a number of dojos on our return to the academy.

Ancient Egyptians Homework


We had an enjoyable morning sharing our creative homework projects with the rest of the class during the last week of the Autumn Term. Thank you to all the parents and carers for your time and support in helping the children to create these.


When the children come in to key stage 2 as part of the curriculum they learn a different langauge. At Thrunscoe the children voted to learn Spanish. During the Autumn term in Maple Class we learnt how to say and spell Spanish numbers, colours, days of the week, months of the year and how they celebrate Christmas in Spain. We sang songs, played games and used worksheets to help us remember. We also discovered lots of countries have Spanish as their first language.