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Our first day!

We had a swell time on our first day in Chestnut Class. Aswell as getting to know each other, we took part in some great activities too, such as: creating our class promise; team building games; choosing our class book and creating a presentation- that we delivered to the rest of the class (based on the theme, 'all about me'). 

Lively Literacy

We have kick-started our Literacy learning with the book, 'The Adventures of Odysseus'. We have explored our initial thoughts about the book and considering what we have learnt; we carried out some research of our own. We were tasked with presenting to the rest of the class an element of Greek Mythology- of our own choosing. 

Magical Mathematics!

In Mathematics, we are embedding our place value and number skills. When you get to Year 5, it really starts to become a bit tricky; working with such large numbers, so we thought we would take advantage of some of the amazing resources we have at Thrunscoe to represent numbers in several different ways. 


As our topic is the ancient Greeks, we decided to take a look at some of the art they produced. We found out that the Greek's used contineous lines and patterns, so we decided to create our own Greek pottery with these patterns in mind. 


We had a fantastic session with a dance teacher, who specialised in Greek Dancing. She taught us the Ancient Greek dancing style of: Zorba. During our dance unit in P.E., we will continue to perfect our technique. 

The voices of Bireme...

We are still enjoying our book in Literacy (The Adventures of Odysseus) and we have been exploring different language devices to help us create some poetry. Before we create our poems, we used our art skills to make a storm scene, as a background for our poetry.