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Clee Academy - Multi-Skills afternoon

We had a fabulous afternoon developing our sporting skills at Clee Academy. We worked with the PE students and had a lot of fun with throwing, catching and team games.

Guardians of the Galaxy

This term we are basing our work on the theme 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

We will be studying two texts, Man on The Moon (A day in the Life of Bob) and Beegu. Both stories will develop our Literacy skills and cross curricular understanding.

We started our topic off with a fantastic 'Hook Day' and welcomed the mobile Planetarium into school.

We learned about the planets in our solar system, how the Earth rotates around the Sun and how our Moon rotates around us.

The stars looked amazing as we sat looking at the night's sky.

Everyday Materials

This term we will investigate different materials and look at their properties.

We will decide whether they are transparent, translucent or opaque, if they are waterproof or not and test some of their abilities.

Which materials are good for building strong bridges? What would we use to make an umbrella?

Keep an eye on our growing scientific skills.


So far we have been comparing objects and numbers, sorting sets according to different criteria and developing our addition and subtraction skills.

We love practical work and problem solving the most!

Arts and Craft

We love creating in Holly Class.

We have made some great space-themed pictures and aliens.

Take a look at some of our amazing home learning too - we have created alien and human space craft.