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In September we made new friends and learnt all about the routines of the nursery.  We talked about ourselves, our families and we listened to and acted out the story 'Peace at last'.  We started to talk about Autumn.


In October we continued to talk about Autumn.  We learnt about Harvest and listened to the story of 'the Little Red Hen'.  We tasted different types of bread and made pizza.  


In November we were really busy with our number work.  We were trying to count accurately and match up the numbers with the correct amount.  We were climbing and balancing in P.E. 

We found out that we live on planet Earth and that from space it looks like a blue, green and white ball.  We learnt that we live in England, in a town called Cleethorpes and that we are lucky to live by the seaside.  We then began to talk about other countries - firstly France.  We found out that we could travel on a plane or on a boat or on a train to get there.  We found out that the train goes through a tunnel and that the people speak French.  We learnt how to say hello in French and we tasted croissants.  


It's all about Christmas!!!  There's been Christmas stories, craft, concerts, well as all our normal learning activites.  We have been very, very busy.