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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This area of learning is about emotional wellbeing, knowing who they are and where they fit in, and feeling good about themselves. In particular by supporting the transition to and between settings e.g. from home to playgroup / FS1 to FS2 and by providing opportunities for each child to become a valued member of the group so that a strong self-image and self-esteem are promoted.
It is also about developing respect for others and social competence. In particular by providing opportunities to help them to learn to co-operate and work harmoniously alongside, and with, each other and to listen to each other.
The curriculum also aims to foster positive attitudes and dispositions towards their learning, in particular an enthusiasm for knowledge and a confidence in their ability to be successful learners. The curriculum also aims to develop their attention skills and persistence, in particular the capacity to concentrate on their own play or on group tasks.    


This area which includes reading and writing gives the opportunity for all children to explore, enjoy, learn about, and use words and text in a broad range of contexts, including being read a wide range of books and reading simple texts, as well as writing for a variety of purposes.

Expressive Arts and Design

This area of learning provides opportunities for all children to explore and share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through a variety of activities including art, design and technology, music, movement, dance, role-play and imaginative play.

 Understanding the World

In this area of learning the children are developing the skills, knowledge and understanding to solve problems, make decisions, experiment, predict, plan and question in a varied range of contexts: and to explore and find out about their environment, and people and places that have significance in their lives. This area forms the foundation for later work in science, history, geography, design and technology and information technology.


This provides opportunities for all children to develop their understanding of number (including counting, sorting and matching), measurement, pattern, shape and space by providing a broad range of contexts in which they can explore, enjoy, learn, practise, and talk about them.

Physical Development

Using our Gross and Fine motor skills.

Physical development is about improving skills of control, manipulation, and movement. It provides opportunities for the children to develop and practise their fine and gross motor skills. It increases their understanding of how their bodies work and what they need to be healthy, active and safe. It helps the children to gain confidence in what they can do and enables them to develop a positive sense of well being.

Communication and Language

This area of learning includes opportunities for the children to talk, listen and communicate in a widening range of situations and for different purposes. To respond to adults and to each other, to practise and extend the range of vocabulary and communication skills they use, and to listen carefully.