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Pupil Zone

We are following the Jigsaw Scheme to deliver PHSE to our pupils.  Jigsaw aims to equip children for life, helping them really know and value who they are and how they relate to other people in this ever-changing world.


Wellbeing Awards

Celebrating the achievements of those children who have shined during their Jigsaw session and beyond into everyday life.

Being me in my world

Thoughout the academy we are looking at the topic Being Me in My World

Where Holly feel Safe and Special

Holly class have been looking at the places that they feel special and also where they feel safe.

All about me by Poplar Class

Poplar Class have been looking at themselves, their favourite things and their good personal qualities.

Wellbeing Wednesday in Rowan

Each Wednesday Rowan Class begin their day with 20 minutes of mindfulness colouring and relaxing music we refer to this as Welbeing Wednesday and the children look forward to it each week.

Chestnut Class practicing meditation

It is thought that mediation helps children to improve self esteem, gain self-awareness, become more confident and that right now is enough.

Ourselves by Seedlings

Seedlings class have been looking at themselves.

Oak Class

Producing Zen drawings to support focus and well-being.

Creating our own games and the importance of following rules.

Silver Birch discuss their proudess moment

During circle time Silver Birch play a 'getting to know you' game.

Places we feel special in Cedar Class

A Piece of work relating to the places we feel special

Being Kind and Helful in Beech

In Beech Class we have a Kind and Helpful Tree.

A reward sticker by Willow

Willow class have been discussing good choices and have designed a reward sticker.

Spoting the difference in Maple

Maple class have been looking at and discussing the differences between different children's worlds.

A friendship certificate from Cherry Class

Cherry created a certificate for being a good friend