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Thrunscoe Academy Council Meeting

Friday 11.01.19


Introduction of all Academy Councillors

Photographs taken for the website


What else could be sold in the Academy bank?





Biro pens

Toy cars


A discussion took place regarding the film that can be bought for 15 coins. A lot of the councillors had chosen this as their reward but felt that they would like to know what film they would be watching before buying their ticket. Some agreed that they would have preferred a drink or a biscuit to the popcorn that was offered. Other suggestions included ice cream, nachos, grapes, sweets and sandwiches.

Thrunscoe Primary & Nursery Academy Vision Statement

A copy of the above statement was given to all Academy councillors for them to take back to their classes. The statement was then read out and everyone asked to comment whether they agreed with it or not. All the councillors thought that the statement was good, they agreed with what was written and said they did not think any part of it needed changing. One councillor commented that he liked that part about being ‘included and valued’ as this was how he felt.

We have asked that any comments by their classmates be brought back to the next Academy Council meeting on Wednesday 30th January.

The Academy Council members have said that they would like to discuss playtimes and lunchtimes at future meetings.