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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs at Thrunscoe Academy could be any child who needs a little extra help in their learning to overcome barriers which are stopping them from succeeding.

The pupil may need extra support for a short time or they might be requiring a longer period of provision to help them in their understanding of different subjects and skills.

It is quite normal for children to be better in some areas than they are in others and some children may have worries and emotional issues which can impact on their learning. We are here to help them have a positive attitude to school work and show them ways of learning that suit them e.g. some children learn best by being hands-on, others learn best by seeing or listening to instructions etc. We aim to adapt our teaching methods to support all different types of learner and give them appropriate targets, support and goals to aim for.

Sometimes we may need specialist help to guide us as teachers as to the best way to support your child. We have strong relationships with various agencies e.g. the Educational Psychology Service, the Learning and Cognition Team and The Speech and Language Outreach Service. We can call upon their expertise to support our understanding of your child's needs.

There are processes we use in school to make sure your child is getting the best service we can offer them.

If you would like to understand these processes - why not visit the rest of the these pages to find out more? Remember - we are all different but all capable of learning - it might just take some of us a little longer but we will get there!