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Creating an environment to learn

We are lucky to have a room just for those who need a quiet working space. However, we want children with additional needs to be learning within the classroom environment as mush as possible so try and adapt and utilise our spaces to ensure this can be done.

Most children, whatever their ability, benefit from a multisensory approach to learning - being able to touch, see, taste, hear and manipulate activities all help our brains take in information and our memories to hold on to that information. For instance, have you ever smelt something which has prompted your memory to remember an event from your past? That is your brain's way of holding on to information and developing your ability to form lasting memories. Some children need this to help their understanding and retain information for future learning. Have a look at how we try and promote a stimulating environment that supports learning. 

We also have begun a continuous cycle of Makaton training to support those pupils with Communication and Interaction difficulties. All of the Foundation Team and Key Stage One staff have undertaken this training so far and will refresh their knowledge throughout the year. Key stage Two will be timetabled to undertake training in the coming Autumn Term.Have a look at the pictures of signing above...can you figure out what they mean???