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Rewards and Awards

At Thrunscoe Primary School we celebrate both the work and the behaviour of our children. We do this in many ways but the most prominent would be through The Celebration Assembly Awards, Lunch time Awards and The 'Smileys'.

Please use the menus on the left to find out about the Celebration Assembly Awards, Lunchtime Awards, Class Dojos and the Smileys. You can also see who has received the awards in our 'Hall of Fame' by clicking on the 'Hall of Fame' in the main menu.


Every member of staff, and even the visitors to our school, are given a set of Smileys. These Smiley cards may be given out to any child who displays excellent attitude, behaviour or work during the school day

Individual Smiley Rewards

If a Smiley is awarded, the child takes it to their class teacher who will mark it off on the class smiley chart. Every time a tally of 10 is reached the child will receive a smiley stamp on their Smiley Chart in their Assertive Mentoring folder. When 100 smileys have been obtained the child receives a Bronze Award. At 200, a Silver Award is given and at 300 a Gold Award is given to the child.

Class Dojo Rewards

At the time when all members of the class have gained their Bronze Award, a class reward is given. This is repeated for the Silver and Gold Awards with the size, time or worth of the award increasing each time. Please note - these class rewards are only given when ALL children in the class have gained the award.