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Pupil Mentoring at Thrunscoe Primary Academy

Here at Thrunscoe Academy we use a mentoring system designed to allow everyone involved in the children's education, including the child themselves, to know exactly what their academic attainment is at any given time and also what they need to do to make further progress.

Every child has a one to one termly mentoring meeting with their class teacher where they are able to discuss together the achievements that have already been made, look at examples of work and set targets of how to make further progress. The system also allows us to monitor and evaluate our children's attitudes to school life.

In both academic achievement and also in attitude, an easy to understand traffic light system is used to show how the children are progressing - green being good progress through to red, meaning less than expected progress has been made. Paper copies of the mentoring sheets are discussed with the child's parents at our regular parent's evenings; one copy is signed and remains within the academy whilst a second is given to parents to allow targets to be worked upon at home.



A Mentoring Meeting

Every child in Key stage 2 (and in Key stage 1 where appropriate) has a termly meeting with their 'Mentor'. During these meetings the Mentor and the child will look at their current attainment to see if they are making good (or better) progress. At this stage, targets for academic attainment and attitude are agreed with the child.

An example of a Mentoring Sheet

All the information gathered at the Assertive Mentoring Meeting; a copy of the interview sheet, including their attainment as well as reviewed and new targets, are shared with parents at our termly parents evenings. This ensures that everyone involved in the education of the children has an accurate, up to date knowledge of what the child is currently attaining and what their targets are to develop further in the future.