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Thrunscoe Primary and Nursery Academy

Please take some time to view the slide show below before using the menu above to find out more about life at Thrunscoe Primary and Nursery Academy. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did taking part in them.

Our Vision and Aims

The vision for our Academy is to be able to help everyone achieve their full potential and provide an environment of respect, confidence and happiness so that children become good citizens. We want to make a positive difference to the children in our care and to provide a good foundation for their education. We will ensure that all involved in our academy, including the families, feel valued and happy and that all pupils will make good progress in their learning as they travel through the school. We aim to inspire and maximise potential and to enable all to produce their best. We will endeavour to provide positive role models for the pupils and encourage them to do the same so that all can contribute to a safe, happy and healthy environment.

We believe we should all be good role models and that everyone should be valued and respected. Everyone has the ability to succeed and by providing the right environment for all we will stimulate learning and intellectual, physical, emotional and social development. We believe everyone is unique and that uniqueness should be celebrated. We believe that it is essential that we are patient and that learning should be a partnership where everyone works together for the benefit of all through mutual respect and by valuing the feelings of others. We believe that there should be clear expectations and that all should feel they can express themselves freely but respectfully. We believe everyone should be given equal chances and that by working together as a team we can all make a difference. We believe life in the academy should be fun and exciting for all and that our pupils should feel safe, able to ask questions and provided with all the help and encouragement that they need; the ability to listen is a gift. We believe everyone is special and has the right to be valued for themselves.

We value these things and think they are important:
  • Trust, honesty, openness and loyalty
  • Politeness, good manners, kindness and consideration
  • Other peoples views and opinions
  • Others’ opinions
  • Responsibility and choice
  • Individuality, independence and initiative
  • Team work
  • Praise/appreciation
  • Constructive criticism
  • Team membership and relationships and the contributions of others.
  • Pride in all we do
  • Hard work and doing our best at all times
  • Reliability and commitment
  • Safety, security and confidentiality
  • Time
  • Happiness, enjoyment and a sense of humour
  • Praise and recognition
  • Children’s responses and confidences.
  • Freedom to choose
  • Self discipline
and these are the things that we will strive for at Thrunscoe Primary and Nursery Academy.