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Committee Structures

The work of the Governing Body is distributed between a number of committees whose roles are outlined below.

Resources Committee - Chair: Mr I Stead
This committee  has delegated powers for finance, audit and personnel.
The committee  deals with finance and audit matters as outlined in the Academies Financial Handbook.
The committee also deals with staff discipline (including dismissal of staff), grievances, collective disputes, pay/grading issues and redeployment/reallocation of staff.

Members: Mr I Stead, Mrs J Goodwin, Mrs A Power, Mr R Sperr (co-opted)

Appeals Committee 
This committee hears and adjudicates on appeals against decisions by the Resources Committee related to personnel matters.

Members: any 3 governors not involved

Complaints Committee 
This committee deals with parental complaints including the response to the parent in accordance with the Complaints Policy.

Members: any 3 governors not involved (excluding staff)

General Purpose Committee 
The General Purposes Committee has delegated powers for premises, health and safety and risk assessment.
This committee receives and evaluate reports of incidents or accidents which relate to the health & safety of staff, pupils and visitors to the academy, regularly reviews health and safety within the academy and reviews risk assessment procedures.

Members: Mr I. Stead, Mrs J Goodwin, Mrs B Mills, Mr R. Sperr

Pupil Discipline Committee
This committee has delegated powers to review the use of exclusion within the academy, including consideration of the views of the parent of an excluded pupil, and deciding whether or not to confirm exclusions of more than fifteen school days in a term or those where a pupil would miss an opportunity to take a public examination.

Members: any 3 applicable governors

Safeguarding Committee - Chair: Mrs C. Standley
The safeguarding committee oversees all aspects of safeguarding and child protection in accordance with statutory policy.

Members: Mrs J Goodwin, Mrs C Standley, Mr I Stead, Mrs PM Taylor, Mr S Bate

Standards and Monitoring Committee - Chair: Mrs C. Standley
The Standards Committee sets and reviews institutional targets according to statutory requirements and monitors and evaluates the delivery of the curriculum and standards of teaching and learning.

Members: Mrs J Goodwin, Mrs C Standley, Mr I Stead, Mrs B Mills, Mr S Bate