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Friends, Romans & Countrymen!

Our topic in the Autumn Term was all about the Romans.

We kick started it with a fabulous trip Lincoln Castle where we learned how to dig for artefacts, craft shields and march in formation! Take a look at the pictures. 

Our Literacy focused on the book "Escape from Pompeii" and from it we created newspaper reports and descriptive poetry. We also wrote a recount of our fabulous trip to Lincoln Castle and a descriptive peice of a winter scene. 

Our Maths focussed on addition and subtraction, aswell as multiplication. In topipc we explored everything from the appropriate menu for a Roman dinner party to the effects of sugary drinks on teeth. 


Please take a look at our journey.


During the Autumn Term Silver Bich class took part in swimming lessons. Everybody had a wonderful time, worked really hard and progress was made. 


Well done everybody!