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Our Experiences and work.

In Oak Class we like to work hard but in interesting and enjoyable ways. On this page you'll get to see some of the things we get up to.

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Please remember to check back regularly as this page is updated frequently.

Visit to Eden Camp

To start our topic on WW2, all of the year 5 and 6 children went to Eden Camp in Malton North Yorkshire to investigate and research the causes of this war and what life would have been like for those living through it at the time. 



Throughout the term we have been working on our gymnastics skills, with a major focus on matching and mirroring each others moves. We have learnt to create sequences of jumps rolls and balances both on and off of the apparatus. We have also begun to share and counterbalance each others body weight both in pairs and small groups.

Design and Technology - Making Bread

As part of our work on Micro-organisms in Science, we have looked at the effects of adding yeast into bread. 

We followed a simple recipe to create our own 'Hedgehog' loaves, carfefully weighing out the ingredients before needing and double prooving. After baking, we sliced it to study the texture focusing on the bubbles created by the yeast before evaluating the smell and taste. 

Mmmmmm... delicious!

Science - What conditions seeds need to germinate?

To find out what conditions seeds need to germinate, we cretaed these rather fetching seed heads. We then decided (in groups) what conditions - war/cold, watered/not watered etc - to place the heads in and left them to see which seeds would grow. The tricky part was choosing the variable to change and remembering to keep all the others the same to create a fair test. 


In the end we moved all heads to the best location so that they could all germinate and grow well.

Science - What liquids are worst for your teeth?

We have again designed and carried out our own fair tests to find out which liquids create the most damage to the enamel on our teeth. We used egg shell in the experiments because they are made from a very similar substance to the enamel.

Each group chose how to find the answer tot he question in a slightly different way and then carried out their experiment before recording results and drawing scientific conclusions.

Food Chains and Webs

We what a food chain is and how intricately all living things are dependent on one another. We also researched and found out about what would happen if part of a food chain was removed.

To help understand how food chains are interlinked into food webs we cretaed independent 'human' food chains before seeing where and how each element of the food chaion could be joined to another. 

The results was a bit of a tangle - but it proved how the chains for a web very well.

History - Investigating life in the 1940's using artefacts from the time.

Oak class were extremely lucky to receive a visit from Carol and Garry Sidney who brought with them a huge range of everyday items that would have been used during the war time in 1940s Britain. 

Not only did they expertly explain what each item was and how it was used, but they also allowed the pupils to handle the artefacts and study them in detail. We are very grateful and it really brought our topic work to life.

Remembrance Service 2017

The children in Oak Class and Yr 6 represented the academy at this years Remembrance Service at Cleethorpes Seafront. A wreath of poppies was laid by 2 of the pupils in Oak Class.

Design and Technology - Christmas Snowmen

For this year's Christmas Fayre, Oak Class have designed and created Snowmen made from rice and white socks. It also gave us a great excuse to create some superb instructional writing to help other children make their own versions!