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Cross Academy Sporting Event 

After our successful sports day, we decided to take part in a cross academy sporting event at King George Stadium. We all did amazing and came 3rd place overall, receiving a medal each for our fantastic efforts!


The most amazing time was had by all the children at PGL. Some of the challanges that the children were required to participate in were really difficult, however all the children gave them a really good go! We had a go at: absailing; rifle shooting; archery; orienteering and many more!

Grimsby University Trip

On Friday 11th May, we got to be really grown up and visit Grimsby University. The whole day was action packed and thrilling, with everyone enjoying the options they chose. There was everything from Motor Vehicle and Brickwork to Childcare and Animal Care, the pictures to the side are off: TV Production; Electrical Installation; Engineering and Art & Design. Keep checking our page for pictures of our Graduation on the 22nd June!!  

Mayan Art Day!

We had the fabulous Mrs Smith in today to do some Mayan Art with us. We loved all the activities so much; particularly the one were we got to paint a picture in a variety of coloured chocolate (then we got to eat it!). We put our weaving skills to the test and created the most phenomenal headdresses. 

Children's University 

The Grimsby University visited Year's 4 and 5 today (Tuesday 8th May) to introduce what University is all about, in ready for our trip on Friday. We explored our conceptions of what University is like through the use of Art & Design. 

Ariba, Ariba!

We are off to a flying start with our topic work this term- with exploring who the the Ancient Maya were, where/when they lived and the social structure of the Mayan Civilisation. We ordered ourselves using a man-made pyramid on who the Maya thought was the most important and the least important. P.s. Doesn't our rainforest themed classroom look fabulous? 

Mathematics fun!

We have just finished our complex unit on fractions. We have explored many things including: adding and subtracting numbers with different denominators, comparing and ordering fractions, multiplying fractions and multiplying mixed number fractions by whole numbers (to name a few). We enjoyed our revision session, as we got to work our way around the classroom challenging ourselves with the elements of the fractions unit that we found tricky. 

El Tigre!

Last term, we really loved designing our own Zoo's and labelling the animals in Spanish, that we had included. This term, we are taking it one step further...we have spent time learning how to construct sentences about our animals. 
Can you work out what we are saying about them?