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Just how awesome did Chestnut Class look for World Book Day? Pretty smashing, we think!


So much fun was had by all on our snow day! We had a snowman building competition and had lots of laughs playing with our friends on the field. 

Science- Earth and Space

Earth and Space is our science topic for this term and we have been learning all about: the solar system, the earth's rotation and night and day. We made our own dial's to show the relationship between the sun, Earth and the moon. 


We have started to get into our amazing novel for this term, 'FLOODLAND'. We have only read the first chapter and are already hooked, eagerly awaiting to find out what happens to the main character (Zoe) when she sets sail on her own in the dangerously wild sea. To help us sympathise with Zoe and the gang members- that desperately want to set sail with her, we freeze framed the first scene and focused on how our actions and expressions helped to retell the story. 


Our R.E. topic this term is Buddhism! We had a great morning with Marcus and his wife, who are Buddhist's, when they came in to tell us all about their way of living and their religious beliefs'. We got to chant their daily prayer and had a go at chiming their bells. 


We had lots of fun in Numeracy this week (21.1.2018), we were learning how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000. We really enjoyed going outside and drawing on the playground; it helped us to visualise the numbers getting bigger or smaller by moving them along our giant place value charts.

Who says maths can't be fun? 

Musical Theatre: Robin Hood

On Thursday, we were delighted to have some guests from the Musical Theatre, who came to give us a fantastic show. Lots of fun was had by all, especially those children that had the pleasure of becoming part of the cast!. 

Topic- Tsunami Experiment 

We have been learning all about the causes of Tsunami's; looking at how they are formed, what natural disasters might induce a Tsunami and the devastation that may occur, as a result of a Tsunami. We built and designed our own landscapes using: soil. newspapers and cardboard and then tested the resistence of our landscapes when a Tsunami was created in our boxes. It was safe to say there were lots of muddy, watery uniforms. Sorry parents/ guardians, but we did have fun!! 


This term, we have been focusing on the skills that are required for sequencing and syncronization. We worked in pairs to generate a routine that involved: a starting position; a roll; a travel; a running jump and a finishing position. Then, we demonstrated our performance to the rest of the class.


Recently in Spanish, we have been learning about human features and the associated adjectives to describe them. We have also learned the names of some animals and then we had fun creating our own Zoo (with those animals in).