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Our first week!

In our first week, we enjoyed getting to know each other and completing team building activities, to create a happy learning environment. We learned how to self and peer- assess using Austin's butterfly and discussed our future dreams and aspirations by decorating and completing our dream jars.

Dream Jars.

Austin's Butterfly. 


This term, our Topic work will be based around WW2. To enhance our learning, we will be going on a school trip to Eden Camp. 

Take a look at our WW2 themed classroom!

Eden Camp Trip

All off Upper Key Stage 2 really enjoyed a trip to Eden Camp on Wednesday 20th September. 
A fun time was had by all and we learned all about the history of Eden Camp and enjoyed exploring the 27 different huts!!
Our favourite huts were: The Blitz, The Blackout and the U-Boat, they were dark, scary and airy. On our way around the camp we had fun getting into the variety of shelters and we made notes about our experiences to help us construct a recount in Literacy. 


We really enjoyed learning about lots of different team invasion activities with the help of a fantastic P.E. coach. Later on in the Autumn term, we were lucky to recieve an extra P.E. session in which we explored Diwali and we created a whole group dance. 


We absolutely loved making our WW2 gas masks. Our learning involved exploring why gas masks were so important to have with you at all times and how a gas masked worked. We ended our learning by making our own 3D model. 


Science has been very practical this term in our study of 'Forces'. We explored many topics such as: balanced and unbalanced forces, gravity, air restistence and water resistence. We made our own parachutes and model boats to test the air resistance and water resistence, our mission was to make the most streamlined boat and the most air resistant parachute. 


During the Autumn term, we recapped over the Spanish colours ( blanco, negro, gris, marron, rosado) and then moved on to exploring Spanish terms for facial characteristics. We enjoyed a game of 'Simon said', were we did our best to remember all the Spanish words for parts of our bodies.


During our study of the book 'Friend or Foe', we used drama to express how the characters were feeling during their evacuation. We included thought bubbles as extra details. 


We have recently been working on some really tricky maths involving reading one and two-way tables. We thought it was great when Mrs Allenby said we were going to interpret information about different types of Pokemon, even better when she let us do our calculations on the tables!