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Extreme Earth

We have began to delve into our new topic called Extreme Earth. Willow class have decided they want to investigate extreme weather and where in the world these weathers occur and why they happen. So far, we have been exploring these weathers in a variety of ways which include making mini volcanoes and listening to recordings of extreme weather to create pictures of the sounds we hear. Willow class would also like to know which plants live in these extreme environments and how they adapt to ensure they survive. We have plenty of practical science experiments going on to help us during this enquiry. We have also been reading a book called 'Lila and the Secret of Rain' which explores the impact that extreme drought has on a village; this book has inspired some excellent writing already. 


As a class we learnt all about Volcanoes. We watched film clips of them erupting, we identified where in the world they were and we learned how they are created and what is inside! We then made our own and wrote the information we had learnt on the inside. 

Science - Planting Beans and Tomatoes 

How do plants grow? How do plants survive? Willow class are currently investigating these questions and are becoming budding biologists! They are observing, recording and writing excellent conclusions. 

Lila and the Secret of Rain 

Willow class thoroughly recommend this book! We love it and have written some book reviews to tell others to take a look. The book has encouraged discussion about what life would be like if there was no rain and the impact it would have on our lives. We have written some excellent descriptions and we will use this book to help us to understand the workings of the Water Cycle. Keep a look out for our explanations of the Water Cycle. 

Preparing for our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We researched the animals living at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and we wrote our own Non-Chronological Report about them. We also began to practice our Pointillism in preparation for Art Week. We used felt tip pens, cotton wool buds and paint to create a Pointillist style by filling in blank templates of the animals we were looking forward to seeing on our trip. 

Our day at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

We had a wonderful day seeing all the animals we have been writing information facts about. It was also nice to see and learn about the animals Lila may have seen near her village in Kenya. 

We are currently updating these photos so watch this space!

Art Week - Pointillism inspired by Lila and the Secret of Rain

We chose pictures from our class text 'Lila and the Secret of Rain' and we applied the Pointillist style we have been learning about during Art. We used paint and cotton wool buds to create paintings of African landscapes using only dots of pure colour. We mastered out technique and we built up to blending colours on the page. Look through our photos to see how our paintings developed over time. 

Grandparents Day! 

Thank you Grandparents for joining us. The children really liked teaching you about Pointillism and showing you how to do it. We also enjoyed having a good old sing along with you. The children and I loved having you and we look forward to the next one. 

Maths Games 

Here we are using packs of playing cards to help us practice our multiplication facts.