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High Sea Adventures 

Willow Class have been enjoying some literary sea adventures as well as having some of our own. We have been reading 'The Snail and the Whale' which helped us to write some great poems, letters and setting descriptions. We also partially read a story called 'Oliver and the Seawigs' which inspired us to make some of our own Seawigs and write instructions to help others make theirs. 

When we visited Skegness Aquarium we took a closer look at all the adventures happening beneath the ocean. We wrote all about what we had learned and drew some amazing sea life. 

Our creative homework has been incredible this term. Pupils were asked to make their own creature of the ocean and its habitat which enabled pupils to show off all they have been learning in Science about living things and habitats.

What an exciting term and this isn't all of it! Enjoy looking at our photographs. 

Our day at Skegness Aquarium

We saw some fascinating creatures and had a real hands on experience. 

Creative Homework

We made our own creature from the ocean. 

Science - Living things and habitats

We applied our knowledge of living things and habitats to make some of our own. 


We dived into the world of opera whilst preparing for the KS1 Singing Festival at the Grimsby Auditorium. The pupils have also been exploring pulse and rhythm. 


We've been really busy making things this term, giving us plenty of opportunities to practice our skills. We've made Jellyfish, Seawigs and habitats in a box! 


Getting hands on with Measures and Statistics! 

Easter in Willow Class

We have some very talented pupils in Willow Class as they made some brilliant Easter hats and Easter eggs. WOW!