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Kensington Palace

The children spent a lovely afternoon celebrating the birth of the new baby prince by making cards and sending them to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

We were lucky to receive back a letter each thanking us for our super cards.

A lovely memory to keep as the children grow up!

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

We had a lovely morning celebrating the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The children made cards, celebratory balloons and then enjoyed a tea party complete with scones and cucumber sandwiches! 

Our Local Area

This term we have been developing our geographical skills.

Not only are we investigating where various fantastic beasts live around our world but also what it is like to live in Cleethorpes.

We have talked about our favourite areas, found them on maps and looked at aerial photographs.

The Lonely Beast

This term, our study text is The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge.

We will enjoy looking at the Beast's journey, learning about the natural and man-made features in his environment as well as deciding on whether he is a 'good' beast or a 'bad' one.

Keep watching this section to see what learning has taken place...

Animals (including humans): Science

Our Science work will look at the different classes of animals from birds and fish to amphibians and reptiles.

We will be sort carnivores from herbivores and omnivores as well as looking at why different creatures eat different diets.

We will link this to our own eating habits and think about healthy diets and keeping ourselves fit and strong.

Alongside our work on animals, we will also look at plants and how/where they grow in the world. We will hopefully be green-fingered enough to grow some of our own plants in the school grounds for everyone to enjoy.

Mrs Clark is also hoping to sort out an exciting trip to see some animals from different habitats from around the world...fingers crossed!!!