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Snow Day

We loved playing in the snow!


We had a brilliant PE session with one of the Sports Partnership teachers.

We were learning how to put a series of movements together on apparatus, including a balance.

Crash, Bang, Wallop!!!

The children had a great time making lots of noise at the Central Hall.

As always, the children behaved excellently as they played their percussion instruments along to the musical activities.

Homes for Superworm

We had a great time making Superworm mud pots. Can you see how we made them?

They tasted rather nice too!

Superhero Senses

We have been learning about our Super Senses. 

To test our powers of taste and smell, we made our superhero blindfolds to mask our identities, decorated them with things we like and don't like to taste, then tried to identify the flavours of five different jellies and different crisps.

Some of us need to train our senses a little better but some of us were spot-on!

Bug Club Phonics

We have made a great start to our Year 1 Phonics.

We are blending and word building.

Keep watching us as we get better and better!


Well done to everyone who took part in the homework challenge. You made some super costumes and hideouts!

Lola the Leopard

Lola came to visit our class with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Allen.

Lola helps us to talk about things that make us happy, sad and things we might like to say to our friends. Sometimes, Lola will choose someone's house to visit for a weekend so watch out for her coming to stay with her overnight basket.

Harvest Festival

A big thank you goes to all those children and parents that brought in some Harvest food to support our Doorstep Donation.

The children were fantastic walking to church and sang beautifully...I'd say we stole the show!

Well done everyone!

The Water Challenge

Well done to all those sponsering the children to complete the water challenge.

This is our annual fundraising event in support of the Costa Coffee Foundation where we try to raise enough money to help children go to school in Africa.

This year, we are showing the children how some children their age have to walk miles to get fresh water for their families every day. We need to complete a circuit of the water lap without spilling any - water is precious!