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Spring Gallery

Take a look at all the exciting activities we have been doing during this term.

Topic - People Who Help Us

It has been really interesting to learn about all the different people who help us. We have been very lucky to have been visited by: a Nurse, a Policeman and some Firefighters. It was really exciting to see the fire engine!!!

Topic - Pets

It has been really fun doing lots of activities to explore the topic of 'Pets'. We investigated which is the most popular pet in our class. We have used different materials to make our own pets. As part of our 'talk 4 writing' work we studied the story of 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell. We acted out the story by pretending to be the different animals, take a look at our 'grumpy camel' faces...

It was so exciting when one of the crates from the zoo was delivered to the classroom full of the animals! The cheeky frog kept trying to get out of the box so we all helped to try and keep the lid on so it didnt escape!