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Our Class Curriculum

In Nursery we follow the objectives that are set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. 

The seven areas of learning are illustrated below. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Within this area of learning we explore our emotional wellbeing, exploring who we are, where we fit in and what makes us feel good about ourselves. We also develop respect for others. In particular participating in activities that help us to co-operate and work alongside and with each other.

As our attitudes develop we become enthusiastic and more confident in our own abilities to be successful learners.


Communication and Language Development


We love to make lots of noise in Seedlings! But we have to remember that an important part of communicating is also being able to listen carefully to others.
When we have mastered speaking and listening we will be able to practise our reading and writing skills.

We really enjoy creating different stories within the role play areas.




We enjoy sharing photographs of our families and friends.




We regularly practise following instructions.


Listening and Attention


We have all made special listening ears to help us investigate the sounds all around us.


Physical Development


In the area of learning, we practise skills to improve both our large and fine motor skills, inside and out of the classroom.

We also learn about how we can keep safe and look after ourselves such as washing our hands and eating healthy foods.




Just like our communication and language development, we can explore, enjoy and learn about words through reading and writing activities.

It's fun to act out stories using props and role play.



We do enjoy reading stories to find out what happens to many different characters. 



There are many ways in which we like to leave our mark. We are always creating shopping lists, menus and cards. We do try hard to write our own names too. 




Within this area of learning we develop our understanding of number (including counting, sorting and matching). We also like to talk, explore and learn about shape and space, patterns and measurement through a variety or activities.


Understanding of the world 


In this area of learning we explore subjects such as Science, History and Geography. 

We learn about the people within our community and the environment in which we live. 


Expressive Arts and Design


Seedling class are very creative! We are eager to explore and share our thoughts and ideas through many different ways. We enjoy exploring a variety of art and music. We are also good at using technology to achieve this.

The role-play area is always popular within the classroom and is full of imaginative play in different contexts.