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We talked a great deal about patterns and shapes.  We read many stories and talked about real words and nonsense words - we thought these words were funny.  

Our topic was 'People who help us' so we had lots of interesting things to find out and we met a nurse who told us all about her job. 


We have had a super exciting month!  We went on a coach trip to another school to do some singing with 4 other schools.  It was great fun.  

We continued to learn new phonics which has improved our skill for reading and we are still practising maths every day which continually impresses our teachers. 

We talked about Chinese New Year, found out about all their traditions and had a chinese banquet.

The best bits though were when we met a policeman and when we got to drive a fire engine!!!


Our sentence writing is much improved as we practise every day.  We love reading and enjoy listening to stories.

In maths we have been counting money and we have talked about why we need money and what we do with it.  We have also been learning how to add two numbers together.

Our topic was 'pets'. We found out what animals made good pets, what we feed animals and how to look after different types of animals.  We were visited by a snake, a guinea pig, a tortoise and a puppy.