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Daffodil Paintings

We looked very carefully at some daffodils in our garden and then did some paintings of them. Have a look at the pictures to see the end results.


Our topic this half term is Life cycles and growth. We have got some caterpillars in a jar with some food. We are watching them grow daily and are waiting for them to transform into a chrysalis and then into a beautiful butterfly. Keep an eye on the photos to see the changes taking place.

Life cycle of a Ladybird

We have also been looking at the life cycle of a Ladybird. We went on a fact finding mission and looked at a range of non-fiction books about Ladybirds. We then tried to write some phonetically plausible sentences. Finally we made our own Ladybirds out of paper plates with the correct sequence inside.


We have been very busy planting some cress and sunflower seeds. We had a discussion about the difference between the two and how cress can be grown on cotton wool but the sunflowers need to be grown in soil. The thing that they have in common is that they both need sunlight, water and air. Take a look at the pictures.

Paintings of Cherry Blossom Trees

Take a look at some of our paintings of Cherry Blossom trees. We used our fingertips and a cotton bud to make the blossom on the trees.

Doubling Numbers

We have been learning how to double numbers. We made some ladybirds with spots on one side of the back and then had to double them. We have learnt that doubling a number means that you add the same number to itself.

Internet Safety

Smartie the Penguin has been teaching us about how to stay safe on the internet. Take a look at some of the pictures we did of Smartie using 2 simple on the computer.

Our New Outdoor Climbing Frame


At last our new climbing frame and mini-gym has arrived.

Grandparent's Day

Our grandparent's came into out classroom to spend the morning with us doing lots of art and craft activities. We looked at the work of Andy Worhal and tried to create our own interpretations of his work. We made puppets, did beach collages and used sand and paint to create a beach scene. Then we sang some songs and did some massage.

It was a very busy morning but fun was had by all. Take a  look at the pictures.