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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year begins on Febuary 16th and this year it is the year of the Dog.  In Beech class we met Barnaby Bear who told us lots of facts about China. Then we tried lots of different Chinese food. It was delicious. We did not use a knife and fork, we had to use chopsticks which were rather tricky. To practise using chopsticks we had a challenge of How many bricks could we pick up using the chopsticks? and then we used these bricks to do some simple additions. We also made some Chinese Moon Cakes. We had to measure out the ingredients very carefully. We listened to some Chinese music and played the chopsticks whilst some children did the dragon dance. We have learnt a lot about China and Chinese people as well as having a great time.


Our first snow of the year.

In February 2018 we had the first snowfall of the year. It was great to be outside exploring it.


Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal, it is also known as the "festival of colours". This year Holi was on Friday  2nd March. It signifies the arrival of spring and the end of winter.

People dance in the street and smear each other with coloured powder paint. They also drench each other in water using water guns and water filled balloons.

We filled some water guns with paint and had fun spraying paint on paper. We also used staws to create our own Holi pictures.

We tried some Indian food, some of it was spicy  but it was delicious.

World Book Day

World Book Day was on 1st March 2018. However school had to close due to the snow and so we celebrated it on 8th March. We came to school dressed as a character from our favourite book. See the slide show to take a look.



We have been carrying out lots of work on measures. We began by using non-standard measures and we used pencils to measure how long our friends were. Then we used rulers to find and measure a range of items around the classroom.

Learning to tell the Time

We have been learning to tell the time. First of all we made our own clocks out of paper plates. Then we learnt  how to read o'clock and then half past the hour.

Talk4writing  The Gingerbread Man Story

As part of our Talk4writing we read and retold the Gingerbread Man Story.  To see this please see the video below.

Then we tried to write the story ourselves using the words we had learnt from retelling the text.

We made some yummy gingerbread men and also carried out some addition work using gingerbread men.


The Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man Maths

We have started to learn how to combine numbers and use the vocabulary involved in adding. We have also learnt how to record this.

Learning about Internet Safety

We have been learning how to stay safe when we use the internet.

Smartie the penguin taught us a song to help us remember what to do when we are on our tablets or computers.

'Before you click and tap

You have to Stop and Think

And Tell someone.'

We went to the ICT suite and did created some pictures about Smartie the Penguin.


We have been very busy to prepare for Easter. First of all  we made an Easter card using Purple mash computer programme to design our own Easter egg. Then we made some Easter chicks and an Easter Bunny mask. The best bit was making  chocolate nests out of rice krispies and then making a basket to put them in.

We learnt about the importance of Easter to Christians and why Easter is celebrated. We also learnt what the cross resembles on a hot cross bun.

On the last day we went on an Easter egg hunt to find some hidden chocolate eggs.




We have been learning about the value of different coins. Then we set up a shop and took it in turns to be the shopkeeper and people coming to the shop to buy things.