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When I Grow Up....

Here is some of our Art Work.

We have been exploring a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function. Take a look at the photos to see what we have been up to.


As part of our topic on All About me , we have been looking at the sense of taste. We carried out an investigation to see if you can taste colour. We made four different coloured jellies and then took a turn whilst blindfolded to guess the colour. We learnt that you can not guess colour but you can guess flavour and the flavour is usually linked to a particular colour.

Peer Massage

The massage in schools programme is a well structured yet simple programme. The clothed, peer massage is:

Given and received with the child's permission

Given by the children to each other

On the back, head, arms and hands

Takes 10-15 mins

All the children ask permission from each other before they start and say 'thank you' to their partner at the end.

Peer massage teaches children to respect each other and leads to social inclusion. It is also very calming and improves concentration.

Our Kind and Helpful Tree

We made a class Kind and Helpful Tree. When we do something helpful or kind , we can put a leaf on the tree.  We have started to put some leaves on already.

Multi-Cultural Awareness

Within the Foundation Stage we strive to develop the children's awareness of a range of beliefs and values of people from different cultural backgrounds. Throughout the year we celebrate a range of different festivals which help the children to reflect upon the cultural diversity within the world. They learn about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions.

Each week two children take home a multi-cultural doll and diary. The children are encouraged to find out something about another country or custom. Parents help to record this in the diary. The diary is then returned to school with the doll and the information they find is shared with the rest of the class.

Roald Dahl Day

On Friday 22nd September we celebrated Roald Dahl Day. Lots of us got dressed up as different characters from the books that Roald Dahl has written. Take a look at the photographs to see the amazing costumes. We also carried out a range of fun activities which included making Roly Poly Birds, baking and decorating delicious cakes and making yummy chocolate and marshmallow krispie cakes.

Our work on the Five Senses

As part of our work on 'Ourselves' we have been looking at the 'Five Senses'.

We tasted different flavour jelly with our eyes closed to see if we could use our sense of taste to guess the flavour. We then used our sense of touch to guess what was in a feely bag. To learn about our sense of smell we had to close our eyes and smell pots with different things in. The challenge was to say what they were. We also did a phonics challenge and had to guess the letter sound with our eyes closed.  Finally we went outdoors to see what we could hear, feel and see.


Diwali is a very special festival for Hindus who celebrate it by having special food, giving  presents to each other, having fireworks and the lighting of candles. This year Diwali is on 20th October. In Beech Class we have been celebrating Diwali by carrying our lots of fun activities. We have made some clay diva pots to put candles in, we also did some rangoli patterns and mendhi hand designs. Then we made some Diwali sweets using coconut. Finally we celebrated by doing some Indian dancing.

Talk4writing -The Little Red Hen

Christmas in Beech Class

We have been very busy in Beech class getting ready for Christmas and taking part in some fun activities. Take a look at the pictures to see some of the things we have been doing.

Spelling Award

In Beech Class we have been working very hard to learn the initial sounds in words. We are now learning how to blend the sounds to create words. Each Assembly we give out a trophy to the person who has tried hard with blending their sounds.  Look at the pictures above to see who has received the Trophy.

Handwriter of the Week

We are all trying really hard to form our letters correctly and to make them the correct size. Each week in our Celebration Assembly, one person will be chosen to receive our Handwriting Award. One piece of writing will be displayed on the school 'Handwriting' board. The pictures above show the children who have received their award.